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February 12, 2018
It's true there's been a whole lotta hype about coconuts in recent times. We're drinking their milk, cooking in their oil, sipping cocktails with umbrellas from their shells, and rubbing it all over our bodies... Is all this love legit? Well, we think so!  Inexpensive, transportable, edible and choc-a-block full of goodness, coconut oil gets our thumbs up.  Read on to understand why it's our daily obsession!

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 Aside from recently watching first hand how pure organic coconut oil speedily soothed and healed sunburn, it's lauded antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal properties make it a wonderful multi-tasker. Remove make-up? Check. Protect against free-radical damage and premature aging? Check. Nourishing for cracked lips, skin, hair & nails? Check, check, check. Rich in lauric acid? Check. Curer of candida? Check.

Lauded by the Olsen twins for it's efficacy and versatility, one of our favourite brands, Dr Jackson's, asked its beauty industry insiders for their top uses of coconut oil. Presenting:
1/ Line Minimiser - spot treat any little lines (almost wrinkles) that show up through dehydration or fatigue. Coconut oil will soften & reduce their appearance :)
2/ Skin Soother - got dry skin? Battle dryness on lips, cuticles, hands, heels, elbows, anywhere!

3/ Split-end fixer - if you're suffering from split ends, regularly apply coconut oil to hair ends and leave on for 20 minutes, or overnight, before shampooing out.
4/ Get your Glow - the natural sheen of coconut oil on your cheekbones and angel's bow gives a lit-from-within glow
5/ Brow bestie - fix your brows in a jiffy by dabbing some coconut oil on your brows and brushing upwards with your fingers or a brow brush. Done!

And in the way that only she can, Leandra Medine had us in stitches with her description of coconut oil's benefits.  To quote her witty summary of its health benefits,
"...there are apparently a shit ton of acids in this stuff that make you less prone to die or have your teeth decay, etc. etc, yadi yadi yadi yoo."  Bingo, done, thanks Leandra, we're sold!  She goes on to list how eating a spoonful of it a day has benefited her - everything from caring for her netherland, making her hair shine, her face tighten and glow to lowering her stress levels (" fate and Google would have it, the antioxidant properties of coconut oil actually do affect one's level of stress. So much quicker than meditation, no?")!
So there you have it.  Whilst we're not scientists here, between the benefits we've witnessed ourselves to those we've researched, we've found plenty of reasons to love coconut oil. So much so that a jar of raw organic virgin coconut oil is never far from hand.  Aside from Dr Jackson's #04 we adore RMS raw coconut cream and generally cook with an assortment of organic coconut oils from our local health food store Prahran Health :)

We'd love to know, what are your experiences and favourite brands? Drop us a line in the comments below! 


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