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Italian Luxury: Discover Marvis Toothpaste

November 5, 2018

Tradition. We like to embrace it. Like with Marvis, an Italian toothpaste company using the same formula and traditional processing method to keep your whites pearly since well before you were born. Who knew that brushing teeth could become something you look forward to? A clean, crisp mint paste, often scented with an unexpected aroma (jasmine! liquorice! ginger! cinnamon!), in a beautiful tube that stands on its cap. Not only will your bathroom counter look pretty, but you'll feel clean and fresh, flash a brilliant smile, and enjoy the feeling of well-being that this maximum protection, minty toothpaste provides.

Available in Classic Mint, Whitening Mint, Liquorice Mint, Cinnamon Mint, Aquatic Mint, Jasmine Mint and Ginger Mint, in both travel (25ml) and regular (75ml) sizes. Beautify your face and your space now!

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