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7 Expert Tips To Pack Like A Pro For Your Dream Vacation

February 13, 2018

We all know that feeling. You're counting down the final few days until your amazing vacation and then you realise, you haven't started to pack. For some of us it's a walk in the park, for others it almost makes us want to cancel our plans.

Luckily for you, our gorgeous buyers (thanks to years of buying trips) are seasoned packers. Keep reading to find out their tips which will have you packed in no time and ready to holiday in style.

#1 Start Planning Early

There is nothing worse than pulling out your suitcase the night before and realising half the items you had in your head are unclean. With a week to go before your big trip, start planning your outfits and make sure you take all potential pieces to the dry-cleaner. This avoids stress later in the week when you just don't have the turn around time you need.

#2 Dress for the Weather

It's obvious, but continue to check the weather forecast for your destination right up until you leave. No one wants to be seeing the sights in a summer dress when it's 13 degrees and raining! There is no point checking two weeks out then not giving it another thought as unseasonal weather happens everywhere. By double-checking just before your departure you can ensure you're prepared from the highest temperature to the lowest.

#3 Outline Specific Outfits

When travelling for work/ a wedding/ specific event, some days are planned well before you land. Set aside clothesaccessories for these days, checking back to #2 above to ensure you're comfortable as well as stylish! Knowing what's on, even if it's certain sight seeing trips, will help you maximise a 'this-goes-with-that' system that means you pack less but wear more.

#4 Photograph Your Outfits

So you've got your pile set out. If it's looking a little out of control it can be really helpful to try on some outfits to see how they really feel and to ensure they work for the climate, events & environment your heading into. You'll quickly see where the gaps and duplicates are so you can add and remove as needed. It's cathartic to take things out that you realise you won't need after all, and to leave with a case that allows room for some souvenirs! If you're so inclined, take some selfies to remind yourself of all the options that mix and match together. Then sleep on it. The next day, grab a coffee with a couple of girlfriends and go back through your outfits - fresh eyes plus a second opinion can help you see what works, what doesn't and what pieces can be interchanged to maximise outfits whilst minimising luggage.

#5 Set Yourself a Shoe Limit

No doubt for most of us, this is where it gets really tricky! We like to try and take a maximum of three or four pairs of shoes (don't rush to judgement - you try it!) Heels for night, a cute pair of sneakers, a flat and a sandal or boot (depending) are really all you need! Trust us, this is the best way to not overcomplicate things.

#6 Master the Carry-On

Always take a spare change of clothes on the flight. We hate to think the worst, but just in case you have a spill on board or your luggage doesn't arrive when you do, it's best to be prepared!

#7 The Essentials

It sounds obvious, but your passport is most definitely an essential requirement when travelling (we know, we know, but we've been known to forget it before!).Before you walk out the door check you've got all of your necessities - chargers and adapters, essential medicines, and foreign cash for a cab when you land.

Got some tips for us? We're always happy to make this process even easier. Share your tips with us below.

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