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February 6, 2018

We've always had a love for beautifully designed product.  Such beauty encompasses more than form itself - when it is functional, original and enduring it is simply a 'coup de coeur' - we fall in love.

Enter Steven John Clark and his small team of stone masons & sculptors based in Melbourne.  Trained in fashion design and embroidery craft Steve 'fell' into sculpting through stone masonry.  His raw artistic talent is plainly evident in everything he crafts.  Owning a piece of DEN HOLM is truly enriching and we are thrilled to stock a selection of DH vases and planters, with more stock arriving soon!

DH's vases are inspired by the movie Rambo! Meet the family: Gazzo, Balboa, Duke and Dipper.
Australian limestone vases are internally coated for use as vessels whilst the exterior remains raw and textured to feature the natural beauty of the stone.

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