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February 12, 2018
In the heart of the Left Bank in Paris there's a luxe new eyewear mecca. Designed by the inimitable Vincent Darre, it is as futuristic as it is retrospective (psst, if you love interior design divert to his site now!). Neon, brass, velvet, marble and glass combine to gorgeous effect whilst an eye-catching, giant blue pupil greets passersby and invites them to explore the compact space beyond. 

That sophistication meets whimsy in this way is no great surprise from the man whose lenses carry names like Sexxxy, Lively, Prophecy and Authority. His universe is a visual one, with Lasry's original and stunning frames shading the eyes of many a fancy lady. With an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, all Lasry's frames are handmade in France. For those of you not able to head to 40 rue du Four anytime soon, get your pair of Thierry's beautiful frames from our extensive selection - our French isn't half bad either!

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