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How To Care For Your Denim

February 8, 2023
A year-round closet essential, our favourite jeans are worth their weight in gold. Whether you’re heading for a night out or running errands, there’s no denying that the right pair of jeans can instantly lift your spirits and have you feeling your best. So naturally, we want to ensure that we care for these hardworking pieces as best we can.

From Mother Denim's high-waisted straight-leg styles to a 70s-inspired flare from AG Denim, taking good care of your jeans really is an easy task and will help to preserve and prolong the life of your favourite pair. Oh, and did we mention an added bonus is it’s easier on the environment too!

Read on to discover the best and most natural ways to care for your denim.


When it comes to washing your denim, less really is more! We hate to say it, but you're probably washing you favourite jeans far too often - which will ultimately lead to a shorter lifespan. As a rule of thumb we like to wash our denim every 10 wears.

If it's just a minor stain you're dealing with, spot cleaning with a mild detergent will do just the trick and have you back in your go-to pair in no time.

You can also spritz your jeans with a natural fabric freshener every few wears if desired.


Save time, money and the environment buy washing your denim at home.

For ultra-gentle care, wash your jeans by hand in the sink or for extra convenience pop them in the washing machine with similar colours. Of course, no matter which way you choose, it's always important to launder your jeans with cold water and a mild detergent and to ensure they're inside out. These tricks will keep the colour you love from fading over time.


While the feel of shrinking your jeans in the dryer will give you that instant brand new feel, it will actually drastically reduce their lifespan. All that lint is your jeans breaking down!

Let your jeans naturally air dry. Hanging them up vertically will ensure your pockets dry and will maintain the fit and integrity of your ultimate jean!

Every wardrobe needs at least one hard-working, perfect pair of jeans. Our curation of the best styles from AG, Frame, Mother, Rag & Bone, Alexander Wang, Samsøe Samsøe and Victoria Beckham is second to none, and we're here to help you navigate the choices and leave with the most flattering pair. Live Chat or visit us in store for all the help you need.

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