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February 14, 2018
Maison Michel's expertise dates back to 1936 when it's founder Auguste Michel opened the first premises on Rue Sainte-Anne in Paris.
Stocked exclusively in the world's best boutiques, every collection is developed in a limited series by skilled hat makers from Europe's finest materials including rabbit fur felt, hemp straw and fine tweed.

Maison Michel hats will last a lifetime, especially with some simple care!
To avoid any distortion, handle a hat by its crown rather than the edges, and store it in it's box shielded from humidity.

For fur felt styles, clean your hat regularly using a suitable brush.
Note that many Maison Michel styles are suitable for wet weather and therefore can be worn with confidence in the rain and snow - just look for the Umbrella logo!

Nothing says quintessential chic like a Maison Michel hat. Widely recognised for it's inimitable style, the collections are timeless yet modern, bohemian yet polished.  Lightweight, versatile and effortless, they protect from the elements, cover up dirty hair and add a certain savoir faire to your personal style!

Take a cue from Charlotte G, Alexa C, Mira D and Leandra M and get your Charles, Virginie or Henrietta on permanent rotation in your seasonal wardrobe :)

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