Tips from the Pro's Part 2... Hair and Make-up Gurus!

The second part of ‘Tips from the Pro’s’ - featuring amazing make-up artist Skye Isabella and hair genius Anna Ntalianis! These ladies did the most beautiful job on our models (and Grace girls!) and were kind enough to share their top beauty and health tips!


Tricks of the trade


Skye making up the gorgeous Sarah


“As they say sometimes - less is more, but when it comes to hydration - more is best.” - Skye Isabella, Makeup Artist. 

The dewy-fresh complexion is still very much a favoured base look, which can be achieved with the right products and application. I however, always start at the very beginning by properly prepping the skin with hydrating moisturisers and primers. 

Note: a key selling word for me when I’m shopping is 'Hydrating’. 

I have been told in the past to either pick moisturiser or primer but don’t do both, but in my opinion the skin can’t get enough moisture, especially in the dry Australian climate that we live. Of course if a client tends to have more oily skin, I still moisturise but apply a mattifying primer instead of a hydrating one. I also advise letting each application set, particularly the primer. This is an important step as it allows the next application - foundation for example, to blend in and set on top rather than be absorbed. 

In addition to utilising the right products, I always say the most important thing everyone should practice for hydration and health, is to drink lots of water every day. 

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The perfect pony!

Hair-stylist extraordinaire Anna Ntalianis!

I love meditation - twin hearts meditation connects the heart to soul. Doing this meditation is like getting 8hrs of sleep and is great for anti-aging!   I go once a week to a pranic healing class with Suzie from 'Getting the Vibe’.  It helps to re-balances your energy field. 

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