Q&A With Sea!

We have fallen head-over-heels with the newest addition to GRACE, Sea!  Behind this label are New York-based designers Sean and Monica.  We had a chat to Sean about the inspiration behind this collection, as well as some of his favourite things.

Please describe your brand’s DNA
The core of the brand is the friendship between Monica and I. That’s the everything of Sea. Hopefully the style is modestly provocative/charmingly grounded.  

What inspired the Fall Winter 2012/13 collection?
Seems like ages ago – we’re on SS13 now. But it started with Russian scarves.  That is where we got some of the reddish/orange towns and the striped print. 

How would a Sea girl dress on a daily basis?
Optimistically. And in the way that made her feel comfortably special. 
How would you describe your personal style?  Is this reflected in your designs?
I’m lazy and wear the same thing every day basically. Mon’s style drives the brand. Her style is very chic and quite cool but seems effortless.

Tell us about your favorite country/place in the world?
The Sea. It’s invariably magical.
Your number one place to take visitors to New York?
Our Loft on Canal St. Although there is a mountain of stairs preceding it- it has a great classic NY feel to it. Perfect place for a dinner party. 

Your favorite cocktail/drink? What does it tell us about you?!
Red wine. I think it says I’m old. At 16 I couldn’t imagine being ok with sifting through wines in a wine store. 

Your top 3 favorite restaurants in New York?

  1. Peasant downstairs. 
  2. Di palos on Grand and Mott (not a restaurant but it’s where nearly most of our food comes from)
  3. Omen. Not cheap but the food is good and it’s quiet and peaceful which is rare in NY.  

We don’t really believe in Fashion “rules” but if they exist, is there a rule you love to break?
I’ve been wearing Navy J Crew pajama bottoms nearly all day while working on SS13. Far from fashionable or professional I guess. But I love them.

Bet you can understand why Sean and Monica’s number one place to take visitors is their loft! We can’t wait to be there next month and see the Fall 2012/13 collection!

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