Just to clear things up, we don't actually condone the eating of lipstick! Each to their own and we're not here to judge, but it's just not our cup of tea! We do however like to treat our bodies well, and with that in mind let us introduce you to Bite Beauty.

Formulated entirely from food-grade ingredients, Bite founder Susanne Langmuir has created a product that not only wears incredibly well, but is also super nourishing for your lips. The Amuse Bouche - quite possibly the most perfect lipstick, in the whole wide world of lipsticks - has become our go-to. In just about every shade of the colour spectrum, from our favourite Pepper, to Cotton Candy & Spritzer, there is one to suit every skin tone, mood and occasion. A blend of citrus, edible oils and even red wine combine to make a potion so good it will continue to nourish and benefit long after you've wiped away the remnants.

Explore, enjoy and repeat :)

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