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Dressing For Chinese New Year

February 5, 2019
We all know we don't need a reason to celebrate. But what better reason after the 'official silly season' than Chinese New Year! If you're not familiar with why Chinese New Year is celebrated, here's the low-down. Like many cultural celebrations, Chinese New Year is a time for family, a time to celebrate the year that’s passed and to welcome prosperity, good health and happiness for the year to come. 
Now what's the significance of the Chinese New Year animals you ask? Sheng Xiao is known as the Chinese Zodiac and moves in a twelve-year cycle according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Each year corresponds to a mythical animal and it is said that anyone born within each year will hold characteristics of this animal, just like our trusty astrological star signs. 
This year is the year of the Pig! A 'Pig' is normally characterised as a peace-loving person, someone who is truthful, generous and reliable. Someone who has a sense of humour and doesn't mind treating themselves from time to time (we think we all have a little bit of Pig in us). Find out more about your Chinese Zodiac Here. 
The Chinese New Year Eve dinner is called the 'reunion dinner' and in Chinese culture is said to be the most important night and meal of the year! This year, Chinese New Year commences on the 5th of February and continues for 14 days until the 19th of February. Celebrations will be lively throughout this period. So get your dancing shoes and festive CNY outfit ready! 
So the question is... what does one wear to such an occasion? Here are five tips which will help you find the perfect outfit for Lunar New Year: 
1) RED is always a good idea! 
The colour red in Chinese tradition means happiness and good luck! So, wearing red is generally forbidden at funerals but of course the perfect hue for your Lunar outfit. MSGM Red Jumpsuit Fashion Grace Melbourne2) All that SPARKLES 
Good food, good company and a great sparkly frock is a combination that always wins. Check out our timeless Christopher Kane pleated skirts which are [delete the] just the perfect amount of sparkle for your Chinese New Year celebration.Christopher Kane Pleated Skirt Red Fashion Grace Melbourne 3) Go TRADITIONAL 
Cheongsam is the style of dress traditionally worn during formal Chinese New Year celebrations. These dresses are normally characterised by a high neck and beautifully printed floral fabrics. If the Cheongsam isn't quite your style, stick to a floral piece like this exquisite Mother Of Pearl dress.Cheongsam Chinese New Year Grace Melbourne4) Always choose COLOUR over black & white
The colours black & white are traditionally worn at funerals, and since CNY is a celebration we would of course always opt for bright colours. Petar Petrov Pink Red Jacket Grace Melbourne5) Shine bright like a DIAMOND
Remember to complete every outfit with the appropriate accessory. Make this your most fabulous piece, maybe that diamond necklace you only bring out for special occasions. Take a look at our Sydney Evan range for some inspiration. Sydney Evan Diamond Jewelery Grace Melbourne
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