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Birkenstock X Toogood

April 7, 2021
After the sell-out success of Birkenstock's Hotel Il Pellicano collection, the next cult collaboration with British designer Faye Toogood is arriving shortly!
Reworking it's beloved signature designs, Toogood has created a stunning collection of sandals and we want every single one of them! Puffy, textured and luxe, the simple, chic colour palette will work back with any outfit (we even endorse socks with sandals for these ones!).
Read on to discover all about this special collaboration.
Birkenstock x Toogood Collaboration

Drawing inspiration from the idea of objets trouvés, (literally translating to objects found, whereby works of art are left as they are with minimal alteration) Toogood presents to us three stylish designs.

This collaboration welcomes The Mudlark, The Forager & The Beachcomber to the Birkenstock family.

Birkenstock x Toogood Shoe Collection

Crafted in Toogood's signature minimalistic palette of chalk white, grey and black, this collection uses the finest natural fabrics of leather, suede and canvas.

The addition of a puffy padding detail in the Mudlark and Beachcomber styles add a subtle playful element that we're obsessed with.

Toogood X Birkenstock Collaboration
Toogood x Birkenstock Shoe Collaboration
Birkenstock x Toogood Collaboration
Birkenstock x Toogood Collaboration
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